Is there a minimum order amount or minimum order value?
There is no minimum order amount or minimum order value.
Do you also supply free sample packs?
We do not supply free sample packs. If you would like to give us a try, you can simply place a small order and check the quality of the items.
Does it cost anything to open a customer account?
Registration as a customer is completely non-binding and does not cost anything. You do not enter into any obligation and you can cancel your account at any time.
Do you supply a printed catalogue?
We do not provide any printed catalogues at present. All of our items can be found on our homepage.
Why are you so cheap, does this not affect the quality?
Not at all. We always offer high-quality items at fair, competitive prices. There is no 'middle man' between our factory and you - which means that his costs do not need to be covered and so the price does not have to increase. You buy directly from the source.
Do you send tunnels, plugs and earrings in pairs?
As a general rule, our products are sent as single items. You only receive a pair when this is explicitly stated in the item description, e.g: "Sold as a pair".

Can I pay cash on delivery or on account?
We do not offer cash on delivery or payment on account.
Do you offer payment in instalments?
We do not offer payment in instalments.
Can I change my payment method even though my order has already been dispatched?
That is only possible if you have not yet paid for it.
However, there is one exception: an order cannot be retrospectively changed to credit card payment. Please contact us on info@crazy-factory.com for further payment information.
Why have I not received an email containing payment details?
We send an email with every order. This email may occasionally get caught in your spam filter. Please check your spam folder.

Do you also send orders using express delivery?
We do not offer an express delivery service.
Do I have to pay any customs duties for orders? I've heard/read about that kind of thing before.
Since the start of May 2010, Crazy Factory has taken responsibility for all customs duties and taxes. This applies to all customers in the European Union. We dispatch all items from our factory in Thailand directly to our dispatch centre in Germany. From there the orders are then sent directly to you. Crazy Factory pays the customs duties and taxes, which means that there are no additional charges for our EU customers.
Do I need to be at home when my order arrives?
Our consignments usually fit through a normal letter box. You also do not need to sign for your consignment as it is a normal letter/parcel shipment.
Can I specify an exact delivery date, or can you provide me with a guaranteed delivery date (for birthday/Christmas gifts)?
Unfortunately this is not possible. We deliver using your national postal service, which will deliver your order in approx. 4 - 8 days.

Do you supply any limited-edition jewellery designs?
Unfortunately we do not supply any limited editions at present.
Is it possible to contact you by telephone?
We do not currently offer a telephone support service.
Is there a Crazy Factory Shop in my town or anywhere nearby?
We sell our products exclusively through our online shop. We do not have any retail stores.
Can I use images from your website for my own purposes?
By prior arrangement you may use our product images, unaltered, for private and non-commercial purposes (blogs, homepages, fan sites, social networks etc.). Use of the images for commercial purposes is not permitted. The images may not be altered, cropped or distorted in any way. Apart from the planned usage, any additional usage is by prior consent only. Please contact us in advance by email on info@crazy-factory.com.
Do you supply tattoo accessories?
We do not offer any items connected with tattooing.
Do you provide a piercing service?
We do not run a piercing studio and so we do not offer this service.
Can you provide me with more information about how I can pierce myself?
We are a manufacturer and online shop selling piercing jewellery. We cannot distribute or impart any detailed specialist piercing knowledge to you online. We therefore advise you not to pierce any part of your body yourself. It can be very dangerous to carry out a piercing on yourself! It is best if you find a piercing studio.
Can you place a link on your website to my private site, my blog or my online shop?
Unfortunately we do not provide any links to other websites. However, you are welcome to mention us on your internet site and provide a link to our homepage. Unfortunately it is not possible to provide a link in the opposite direction.