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    Smart cases for smartphones and smart shoppers Your phone is your everyday companion: chatting, gaming, surfing, you know it. But it’s not only your access point to the internet, and a means to gather information and shop online, but also the way you stay in touch with your friends, and organize your life. That makes it one of the most valuable items you own - and valuables should be protected. Phone cases are the perfect cover for your phone. They protect your phone from dents, scratches, dust, dirt or water splashes, and other every-day dangers. A case also adds some much-needed grip to your phone and even if it does slip out of your hand, the phone case cushions the impact. Huge selection of trending phone cases at Crazy Factory But, as all you trendsetters know: protecting the phone isn’t all a phone case can do for you. Just as importantly, the case can be used to add some well-needed flash to your mobile. The selection of trendy designs is huge. Glamorous cases like you see the biggest names on Insta or your own, individualized custom cases are available. Here at Crazy Factory, the right case for everyone is available. You can select from many different types of case for your smartphone, such as acrylic covers with high-grade imprints or protective cases with wooden inlays and highly detailed laser designs. As with your choice of case-style, the design is entirely up to you as well. Select from a massive array and colors in any conceivable style. Designs for cool kids with rocking motifs such as skulls, gothic or optical illusions are as much part of the range as the more girly kinds, flowers, unicorns, diamonds, or heart shapes. Animal-lovers will be psyched to find cute owls, swallows, and other animals. For the more mysterious ones, there are mystical ethno accentures, or Aztec styles available, on top of loads of retro and vintage looks. And of course, if you don’t like a design, you can simply make your own one! Print photos of your loved ones or a totally new design you make up on the spot, there are (almost) no limits to what is possible. On top of that, we are offering smart accessories for almost all kinds of phones. Super popular and a real head-turner are phone charms and extendable holders. Cases for all major smartphone ranges, like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and co The range of cases is being continuously expanded for you. That’s how we manage to have the latest and greatest designs available, and we take care that they fit the latest models at any time. Cases for the iPhone 11 and Samsung S10 are super popular right now. No matter which design you choose, the huge selection of designs is available for all major manufacturers. This includes Apple, Google, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG and Sony. A recent addition to our range are the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Samsung Galaxy J7, Samsung Note 10, Samsung Galaxy A5, HTC One M10 and Sony Xperia Z5. But why not take a look at the vast selection yourself. Crazy Factory - the discount store for cool phone protection cases Discover the Crazy Factory selection of high-grade mobile phone cases straight from the producer today. Simply select a cool case that fits your phone, pay safely and receive it at your home just a few days later - it won’t get any easier than that! By the way: we also offer a huge range of other products. This includes a massive jewelry selection with earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets and many more trendy accessories. On top, we are also the world’s largest online piercing shop. You’ll find more than 80,000 piercing products such as trendy nose rings, exciting belly piercings, plugs or tunnels for your ears and so much more. The selection is endless. Buy piercings online at Crazy Factory – your advantages: Would you like to know more about piercings? Head over to our piercing wiki, where all your questions will be answered.