One night in Bangkok!

300.000 fans on our international Facebook fan page – this calls for a CELEBRATION! And where would be the best place to have a party? Well, of course in one of the most awesome party places there is: Bangkok! Therefore Crazy Factory will get YOU and your wolfpack to Thailand!
According to the lines of “one night in Bangkok” we’re going to sponsor a totally crazy Bangkok trip for the duration of a whole weekend for you and up to 3 friends of your choice. Flights, accommodation and allowance worth up to 3,500€ will be sponsored. We will of course plan a colourful schedule with lots of highlights for you as well. But wait, there’s more: even if you don’t win our main Bangkok trip, there’s still a chance to win one of 10 “mini trips” to Thailand! As we also give away 10 x 50€ for a culinary trip to your nearby local Thai-restaurant!

Terms and Conditions of Participation

  1. Any recourse to the court of law is excluded. Crazy Factory hosts this raffle, as we want to reward the loyalty of our customers. We do not want to annoy anyone nor do we want to have arguments with anyone. Especially not in court.
  2. Crazy Factory GmbH is the organiser of this raffle.
  3. You may participate from 06.10.2014 until 12.10.2014, 12:00 pm MEZ time.
  4. Every comment with tags of the profiles of the people you want to take along on this trip (minimum age 18 years) entitles to participation in this raffle.
  5. The collected data is confidential and it is subject to data protection.
  6. The first prize is a trip to Bangkok (Thailand) for up to 4 people and worth up to 3.500 Euros, sponsored by Crazy Factory GmbH. Flights, accommodation (max. 2 nights), transfers, allowance and events within the given budget can be organised by us. However, Crazy Factory GmbH reserves the right to designate the responsibility for the organising to the winner, reimbursing all costs on presentation of receipts. The conditions of participation for the first prize are the capability to travel, a valid passport and a minimum age of 18 years.
  7. Additionally, the Crazy Factory GmbH is going to give away 10 x 50€ for a visit to a restaurant. Crazy Factory GmbH reserves the right to designate the responsibility for the organising to the winner, reimbursing the costs on presentation of receipts.
  8. The winners will be randomly selected after the raffle has ended.
  9. The winners will be announced after the raffle on 15.10.2014 on our Facebook fan page and they will be contacted via email. You can only win if you are reachable for 72 hours after the raffle has ended, we can successfully verify your identity (using a copy of your ID) and you acknowledge winning the raffle. The trip and the restaurant visits have to be completed within 3 month after the winners have been announced.
  10. The winner of the first prize accepts that Crazy Factory GmbH will occasionally join the group and document the trip. Furthermore you agree that we may publish pictures and video footage of the trip.
  11. The winner will be asked to provide Crazy Factory GmbH with photos of him/her and his/her prize. By participating in the raffle you agree that we may post your name as well as the provided photos on our Facebook fan page.

By participating in this raffle you accept the terms and conditions of participation.

Have fun and good luck!