Order affordable mouth piercings from Crazy Factory

With body piercings, you can wear jewellery anywhere you like from head to toe! Make any part of your body look like a studded work of art with a surface or dermal piercing (or several of them). Show off your stomach with a sexy navel or belly button piercing. If you're looking for a more concealed way to show off your sexuality, consider getting nipple or genital piercings. Your creativity and safety are extremely important for us at Crazy Factory. You can trust that all our piercings are completely safe to use anywhere on your body, and if you want, we even sterilize them for you! We have more than 700 different mough piercings available for you. The range includes curved barbells, piercing rings and circular barbells in all shapes and sizes.

Lip Frenulum ("Smiley")

Frenulum piercings are great for people who want an oral piercing but prefer something a little less extreme than most lip or tongue piercings.

Lower Frenulum ("Frowny")

It is actually most visible when you have a wide smile or are laughing out loud!

Snake Eyes

This is achieved when a longer barbell or curved barbell is inserted horizontally at the tip of your tongue with the closures spread out.

Tongue Web ("Marley")

While tongue piercings are known for being particularly flashy and daring, that's not always the case.

Tongue Piercing

Tongue piercings are also a relatively easy piercing to deal with. Getting your tongue pierced won't hurt as much as you think and will heal quicker than your dermal piercings too!

Uvula Piercing

An extremely rare piercing that you may not have heard of, uvula piercings are for the daring but reserved. Given how well-concealed this piercing is, most people who have it get it for deeply personal reasons. If you're the type who gets piercing solely for yourself and aren't too much about showing them off, this is a great option for you! It can be your own little surprise or your special secret (don't worry, we won't tell!). If you're worried about finding the right jewellery, our piercings are made of high-quality materials and are totally safe for oral piercings!

Vampire Piercing

If you like the idea of an inner mouth piercing but feel like the smiley or frowny is just too flashy, say hello to the Vampire Upper Frenulum!

Venom Piercing

If you like the idea of snake eyes but want a less conspicuous way to wear those tongue piercings, venom piercings are a great alternative.