Order nose piercings online - what do I need to know.

Nose piercings are a classic among piercings, especially for women. And as always: the largest selection of different styles and designs can be found right here. With more than 500 diffferent nose rings, studs and septum clickers you are guaranteed to find the right piercing for you, no matter what's your individual style. Find everything your heart desires right here at Crazy Factory. Skip all middlemen by buying straight from the producer (and save some serious cash), and order high-quality nose piercings at factory prices.


The nose is a great place to get your first piercing if you have been considering it. You can easily make a bold statement, and a nose piercing is flattering on anyone. Plus, nose piercings always look great in selfies! The nose is also rather easy to pierce, and most piercings heal in within months. You can also easily be customized with different types of piercings like your usual nostril or septum piercing or a bolder Austin bar or Rhino piercing! Find the perfect nose stud or ring from a huge selection of affordable piercings available today.


Also known as nose tip piercings, Austin Bars are a rare type of nose piercing. While it does somewhat resemble a Nasallang piercing, the Austin Bar sits right on the tip of your nose and does not pass through the septum. Aside from giving you a more unique and eye-catching look, Austin Bar piercings have a dainty feel to them. They are also less painful and risky to get as you avoid going through the septum altogether. Find the perfect barbell in a style you love for your Austin bar piercing at Crazy Factory. All our jewellery is affordable and safe to use!


A high nostril piercing is different from other nose piercings because of its more delicate appearance. The perforations are made higher up on the nose (usually through to the bridge area) and follow the natural curve of your nose. If you love the way your nose looks and want to show it off more, this is a great piercing option for you. However, if you feel more insecure about your nose, getting this piercing is also a way to be more comfortable with your unique nose shape. Regardless of what your reasons might be, high nostril piercings look great on everyone!


Are you looking for nose piercing that's really out there? Go for an intense piercing with a simple look with the Nasallang piercing. Don't be fooled by its subtle look, this is actually a tri-nasal piercing. A straight barbell goes through one nostril, through the septum, and out the other nostril. It combines nostril piercings and the septum piercing. Maybe you already have these piercings and just want a simple way to bring everything together or just want something different (there's nothing wrong with that). The Nasallang is still a rare piercing so you'd definitely stand out for having one.


While regarded as a more common (aka basic) piercing, there's a good reason behind the popularity of the nostril piercing. It looks good on anyone, regardless of the shape of their nose. You can also get multiple nostril piercings if you want! Express yourself by arranging two or three nostril piercings in a row or on top of each other. The only thing stopping you is your own imagination. The healing time is also relatively quick, around 4 to 6 months. After that, you can swap out your piercing for a jewelled stud or rock a sassy nose ring too!


Do you want to get a nose piercing that's flashier than a standard nostril piercing but not as intense as a septum piercing? The Rhino Piercing may be what you need! It's quite rare and will definitely give you a more unique look if you're itching to try something different in the piercing department. This piercing is made when a curved barbell is inserted through the tip of your nose. You can also get a deeper rhino piercing with a longer, straight barbell - but not everyone has the anatomy for it. Whichever style looks best on you, you'll definitely have a piercing like few others!


Are you looking for a more understated but unique nose piercing? You can opt to get a septril piercing (or the nose tip piercing), which is a combination of a septum and a rhino piercing. This piercing will be perfect for you if you already have a stretched septum piercing and are up for the challenge of doing something different with it. The piercing basically goes up into the tip of the nose and the close will be one where you would normally wear a septum ring. The result is an eye-catching piercing with an interesting placement that sets it apart from other nose piercings.


The septum piercing has gained popularity over the last few years, mainly because of its versatility and adaptability. You can easily customize your septum piercing with different styles of rings or curved barbells after it's fully healed - and it will always look good on you! And unlike a lot of piercings, you can easily hide a septum piercing without having to take it out or covering it up with clothing. Simply flip it up into your nostrils when you're at work or any setting that requires you to look more conservative and professional. This makes it a great option for your first piercing!