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Tapered Insertion Pin
Alati i pribor za piercing, Tapered Insertion Pin, Surgical Steel 316L
    Kod artikla: INP, Surgical Steel 316L

    Tapered Insertion Pin

    The surgical steel insertion pin is a tool to insert larger than current piercings. It stretches your lobe from the size below to the listed one. So a 14ga pin is a 16ga at its thinnest point and a 14ga at its thickest. A 4ga is a 6ga at its thinnest and 4ga at its thickest and so on.Before using the pin, you should clean and lubricate it. You can find low priced wipes for both jobs right here.Slowly insert the thin end of the pin into your lobe, and carefully push it almost completely through. Then place your tunnel or other piercing on the thicker end and (again, carefully!) push your piercing into your lobe. Once it fits snugly, you can remove the insertion pin and put it away.
    Osnovna cijena $2,23