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    Jewelry for each and every occasion Stylish fashion jewelry in amazing quality and huge selection at unbeatable prices. Jewelry over the years Jewelry has been with us since the dawn of time. Artfully crafted pieces were used to express tribal affiliations or as displays of wealth and status. This of course has changed over the years. Nowadays, jewelry is used to express personality and individual style. Past and present icons have of course played their part in this development. Over the years, uncountable trends have come and gone, and everyone has found their individual icon: in the 50s with an alluring Marilyn Monroe, while the 60s are as much symbolized by Audrey Hepburn’s ladylikeness as counterculture idols such as Janis Joplin. Breaking social taboos like Madonna did in the 80s or later Gwen Stefani is as much part of fashion as is a fashionista like Victoria Beckham. At first, jewelry was mostly made from organic materials, shells, snail cases, or pearls. Even today, natural materials are used, such as leather, wooden jewelry, or feather accessories. Many more materials have been since added. Especially gold and silver for shiny and more glamorous accessories are popular amongst women worldwide. Seasons and products Finding the right accessory for every trend, every outfit, every season – in one shop. Is this even possible? You bet! We don’t only make trends for all things piercings, we also bring you the latest and greatest of fashion jewelry. All the latest developments the catwalks in London, Paris, or Milan are offering can be delivered right to your doorstep. Each of our items was created with loving attention to detail and made from prime materials. We have been doing this for over 15 years now and deliver top-quality fashion classics and the latest trends to your doorstep. Time for a fashionable makeover? Or are you looking for that special something, that must-have accessory? Discover the most beautiful pendants you’ll find online, radiant earrings, or beads and flat beads for your bracelet. An unbelievable assortment of more than 5,000 selected necklaces, fake piercings, rings, or hair accessories awaits you, in all variations, colors, or styles. Find your style here Your taste, your style, your jewelry. No one else but you decides your look. Are you a bit of a glamour-girl/guy? Do you prefer a relaxed surfer style with attitude? Or even better: switch it up every day? Whichever is your favorite style, you’ll find the match here at Crazy Factory. The mega-jewelry-selection covers everything from low-key everyday styles for school, university, or at the office. But you’ll also find the more glamorous pieces for an exciting outfit for a night on the town or that date you’ve been looking forward to. Shine like a diamond with time tested classics or the latest Factory trends. Then, we also of course have our product configurator Design It! for you. Here you can stylize and fashion your accessories in any way you want. Crazy-Factory – Discount shop for trendy fashion Find the latest, top-notch quality straight from your producer. Select your favorites, shop day and night, order, pay securely, and get your new style delivered right to your doorstep – it won’t get any easier than that. 4 million customers have already put their trust in us! By the way, we stock a whole lot more cool products and trends. Besides fashion jewelry, you’ll find many more trendy accessories such as phone cases, fun tattoos, or button pins. But of course, what we are known for is our immense assortment of piercings and body jewelry. With more than 80,000 cool piercings, Crazy Factory is by far the largest dedicated online piercing store. Absolutely everything the world of piercings has to offer is available. Trendy nose piercings, exciting belly bananabells, fresh plugs and tunnels for your ears and so much more. Buy piercings online at Crazy Factory – your advantages: Would you like to know more about piercings? Head over to our piercing wiki, where all your questions will be answered.