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The best things in life are the ones you create yourself You know the feeling: you’ve spent hours and hours looking, but the one right item simply isn’t there. You might LIKE a thing or two, but there is no spark, you don’t LOVE them. Good thing, that you can simply make one yourself! Create plugs, tunnels, fake plugs, discs, curved barbells, belly button piercings, balls, earrings, button pins and phone cases just the way you like them. You choose the colour, your motif and add a meaningful text: your very own piece, unlike any other. Now YOU decide what you wear for the next party, your own time, school or whatever matches your favourite clothes. And, if you want maximum glamour, add some sparkle and panache with a touch of glitter! And of course, your own creations are also 100% unique gifts! Make a loved one smile, with a memory that’s going to last - easy, convenient and fun! Personalised accessories - how does it work, you ask?
  • Select an accessory you want to personalise
  • Use the unique features of Design It! and with a few easy clicks and some creative input from you, put together your unique piece of jewellery.
  • Add it to your basket, and complete the checkout!
Designing and personalizing accessories - what is possible? Now it’s your turn to get creative: there is a whole load of features to be discovered in Design It! Easy to use and of course Crazy Factory affordable. Upload an image or choose a background colour for your item. This will be the cornerstone of your design. There are multiple filters available, sepia, black and white, technicolor, and more. Check them all out and watch what happens! There are loads of them available at your disposal to get your design just right. How about the written word? Are you a fan, or do you prefer to let the image do the talking? If you are the first type, you can add any type of text to your design to make it yours. Select size, font, color and place it anywhere you’d like. Enlarge or make it smaller, or even spin it around. Make it your own: perfect your design to the very last detail, and fine-tune it to your look. And then, as a cool finish, add one of the dozens of available clip-arts! Design piercings and more - what products are available? At Crazy Factory, you can design a number of accessories, easily and with unlimited options. Let your creative side take over and personalize plugs, fakes plugs, tunnels, discs, curved barbells, piercing balls, earrings, button pins and phone cases. Create your masterpiece with your designs, texts and photos. And if you are missing your creative spark today, simply take one of the designs in our massive product catalogue, and let it inspire you. Then fashion it the way you like it. All these options! And the best news, as with everything here at the Factory: Convenient, affordable and top notch quality More than 4 million satisfied customers have already put their trust in us! And by the way, aside from the ones you make, we also offer a whole range of products. There is our huge piercing range, as well as jewellery, trendy accessories, phone cases and so much more! Buy piercings online at Crazy Factory – your advantages: Would you like to know more about piercings? Head over to our piercing wiki, where all your questions will be answered.