On this page you can find an overview over the most important details regarding Design It!, the Crazy Factory design tool to cheaply put your own images and designs on plugs, tunnels, fake plugs and button pins.


How do I use the tool?

Step I: Select a base product and your size
You will find plugs, flesh tunnels, fake plugs as well as button pins to be available as a base for your creation. Of course, we will also need your size.

Step II: Design your product according to your wishes
This is where it gets interesting! Depending on your item, you can select the base color to be black or white. Your design can then consist of the following elements:

1. Images

Save a moment forever by imprinting it on a product of your choice. You can either upload an already stored image or take one with your webcam or phone camera right there and then. Or you can

2. Text

Add a crazy thought or a personal message to your product. Select the writing’s color, font, style and alignment. But please note that very small fonts may not be legible on very small products.

3. Clip-Arts

Clip-Arts are pre-prepared graphical elements. For these you can also select size, color and the direction they face.

Once you are happy with your creation, click on “CONTINUE” and select whether you would like the product to be made sparkly amazing through added glitter. On the next step, please let us know if this should be a one-off item or if you would like to order it as a pair. Pairing means your product will be mirrored, so you can wear it symmetrically on the left and the right. Text you added yourself is excluded, that will always be legible.

Step III: Order it!
Once you decided if you want a pair or not, add your item(s) to the cart and order at incredible Factory-prices.

What do I need to watch out for?

For an optimal user experience, please only upload images up to 2Mb in size.

Please only use images you own the rights to. Images protected by copyright or other legislation will be filtered out, however only after your order (and payment!) is completed. You can find a list of not permissible content below

You can use two images per design at the same time. The number of text entry fields and clip arts is not limited.

Will there be additional products in the future?

Yes! At launch the most popular and technically feasible products are available.
But the range will assuredly be expanded very soon. Fixed items on the agenda are wooden piercings and mobile cases, and we will inform you of course on all available channels when they become available!


What can and can’t I print?

You may upload whatever you like. But we are legally obligated to check what you are uploading, and will not print images which break the law or go against our company’s values. Please note: we will check your design only after it has been paid.

This is a list of disallowed content. It may be incomplete and changed in the future:

  • Obscenities or incitement/glorification of violence
  • Explicit depictions of sexual acts
  • Libelous material
  • Racist or sexist material
  • Illegal material
  • Material which infringes upon copyrights or other legislation